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Mare Cognitum - An Extraconscious Lucidity 3SLP


“An Extraconscious Lucidity is a view into a decrepit corner of the cosmos, where universes are conceived as quickly as they are destroyed. In this cosmic womb we find sorrowful galaxies, self-aware and conscious. As this cosmic energy swirls and suffers, it is purified, and The Extraconscious Lucidity of the universe is wrought - an ultra-luminous presence of cosmic mind which connects all matter and surpasses all awareness that has come before it. This hollow actualization, in all its grandeur, can still do nothing to appease its own realization that it is, in itself, nothing. It is a journey into the ultimate void.” - Mare Cognitum


Available in purple swirl or standard black vinyl. Presented as a three-sided LP to preserve audio quality.


Stream or download the album via Bandcamp