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LVTHN - Eradication of Nescience LP




LVTHN’s 'Eradication of Nescience' is finally being revealed in its intended format: a 12" gatefold vinyl with a full sized 12 page booklet. There is one regular black vinyl version and another 'parchment' coloured vinyl version. First copies of both versions will be accompanied by a consecrated necromantic incense, produced in conspiracy with Occult Sabbath & Ritus. The incense is to be burned on a coal while experiencing the sonic adversarialism of 'Eradication of Nescience'. The incense contains tobacco, myrrh, sandalwood, dragon’s blood, dammar, wormwood, sulphur and powdered human bone.



Co-released with Amor Fati Productions. European customers should turn their attention towards them for purchase.


Final copies.


Stream or download in full via Bandcamp

Sold Out